Snow Princess Anna, Barrie Ontario

November 20, 2023

Queen Anna from Frozen visits Barrie, Ontario!

We are so thrilled to announce that Queen Anna will be visiting Barrie Ontario over the upcoming 2023/2024 Christmas Holiday Season! If you would love to know more about locations and potential offerings for private events, please reach out to us!

June 17, 2017
This is a follow up to my post on April 20th. In our line of work, it is important to have a professional and polished appearance. When working with children, especially in character, you want to BECOME that perfect image of who they thought you might be. I am very excited to share with you how happy I was to learn of a great product that is perfect for all of the princesses in the land!! So perfect in fact that we are going to dedicate an entire page of our website to this wonderful smudge proof, waterproof, kiss proof and 18 hour lipcolour LIPSENSE by Senegence Canada. You see, when we are invited to special gatherings for Snow Princess Anna, there is a lot of excitement and hugging and kisses and it is a real concern that we don't transfer any of Snow Princess Anna's makeup or lip colour onto the young princesses beautiful dresses... PLUS sometimes our events run for hours and hours. So when we were first approached about a lip colour that nourished your lips AND didn't transfer, AND lasted up to 18 hours... AND is cruelty free... vegan... no GMOs, Gluten Free etc etc... well it sounded too good to be true! Let me tell you, we were gifted our first collection and it is AMAZING! So amazing that Snow Princess Anna is sharing it with the public. (see our site at ) You can read the page about it here on my site... and rest assured Princess Anna can now give even more hugs and kisses with no worries of soiling a young princess gown!! So as I was planning to post our support and distribution in this site, I found it quite remarkable that we said "YES" to the Senegence lipSense opportunity... as suggested below!

April 20, 2017
5 Reasons Saying “Yes” Will Change Your Life!

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity to do something and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.” — Richard Branson

So often in our life we fear challenges and too many times we default to a “NO” to avoid potential failure. However, if you are actually CURIOUS about something, saying “YES” can bring a brilliance of opportunity into your life. Try new things, take a chance and feel the freedom of personal growth. Here are 5 reasons to say YES to opportunities in your life:

1. Someone believes in YOU enough to provide you with an opportunity to say yes or no. Take it as a compliment and develop confidence in your strength.
2. The Domino Effect – saying yes can lead to other opportunities for more in life!
3. YES is positive. No is negative. Everyone LOVES positive so become that person!
4. You can make a difference! With Yes there is hope…. With NO there is no chance.
5. It is healthier saying YES! You feel better. Big chances come from Yes choices.

April 19, 2017
Daddy Daddy!
Have you ever noticed how Dads just LOVE to point out that the first words their child would say is Da Da Da Da Da. Well at least I THINK that is the norm… it was in our house at least. Today’s post is dedicated to all the amazing dads out there and you should know that just as princess tea events are very popular, so are daddy daughter dates! From the early year morning snuggles through the scrapes during skating and learning to ride you bike, a father’s life is one of strength and comfort to his family. There is nothing else in life that can turn a man to mush like his little girl asking him to do this or that… nothing is impossible. Things you never dreamed of doing as a young man, now become the norm. When you put that crazy hat on, or make those googly faces or nice squeezes of encouragement, it is all worth it when you look into her little eyes and see that sparkle that says “You are the absolute bestest daddy in the whole wide world”. And your wife will NEVER be more in love with you than at that very moment …..

April 18, 2017
When You Wish Upon A Star!
How many stars are in the sky? How much sand upon the beach? I am sure nobody really knows, but I do know something. Before bed each night, I am told that I am loved, “More than all the stars in the sky”… “More than all the sand upon the beach”. How wonderful is a child’s love when they are so open to unconditional love. In today’s society there are so many fears forced upon children. “Don’t speak to strangers”. “Don’t pat the person’s dog in case they don’t want you to”. As parents today we need to help our children find a healthy balance of loving our neighbours without worrying that they might harm them. As our children grow and we share our beliefs, they too will form their own beliefs along the way. As they grow older, they might not always align with what we feel is appropriate as parents, but we will love our children all the days of our lives…. “More than all the stars in the sky and the sand upon the beach.

April 17, 2017
From Characters To Princesses!
There were Teletubbies and then Backyardigans. Let’s not forget Sesame Street… and all of a sudden there was Mickey Mouse! Perhaps it was that famous clubhouse that led us down the path to visit the famous Mouse himself at Walt Disney World in Florida. Our first trip to Disney was magical beyond belief and it didn’t take long before our little 2 year old girl wanted to meet the PRINCESSES. Cinderalla breakfast, Belle dinner, Princess Tea Parties for $245! Yes ma’am we did it all. Every year for the next decade! Before long we were experts on just about anything Disney and this mom even threw her hat in the ring to become a DISNEY MOM’S PANEL Blogger, but I guess I just wasn’t expert enough! Our young lady was always wanting to dress and act like the princesses. She even knew exactly what to do when approached by a Prince Charming and one year even had the pleasure to dance with him at The Grand Floridian. The years at Disney have provided a great foundation for our young princess to have a wealth of knowledge about Princesses and Disney. But, putting that all aside, the most precious Princess she is to us, is herself. She IS in fact a princess in real life! You see she is a child of God…. The daughter of the KING .. and that makes her very special, unique, and wonderfully created Princess!

April 16, 2017
The Most Precious Moment in Time From The Princess Mom!
Parenting is a gift bestowed upon parents to be blessed with the joy of raising a child. I remember that instant when I first enjoyed the moment, savoring the knowledge that I was going to be a mother. All of my life I thought I didn’t want to have children, but when I married my husband it was all that I could think of. I secretly desired to have a little GIRL! Someone who I could cuddle and dress up and play with. Have tea parties and beauty spa days. It would be such an amazing adventure! I recall the many wonders of pregnancy, but I will NEVER forget that moment in time… the first time I looked upon my beautiful baby GIRL! She snuggled in so quickly, finding her way immediately to her first meal. It seemed as though time stood still and I remember looking into my husband’s eyes and weeping for joy like I had never felt before. This precious gift from God above, was counting on us to take care of her every need. We had no manual on how to be good parents, we just trusted in God that he would show our precious little new family the way.

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